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PEG’s programs are specifically designed to address the unique needs of the U.S. military community.

Today’s world is a safer place thanks in large part to our U.S. military community, but not without a significant sacrifice from those heroes, and their families. There is the sacrifice of time as families are apart; the sacrifice of safety for those risking their lives; and, at times, the ultimate sacrifice—losing their lives or the lives of a loved one for the pursuit of freedom.


PEG continuously develops, evaluates, and refines our program offerings, ensuring the military community and its families are receiving the best support and resources possible as they accomplish their mission, both abroad and at home.



Family Services and Support


Our Family Services and Support programs provide much needed support and education for families in times of challenging hardship and times of achievement.  We are committed to empowering military families around the world.  We are proud to support those who have given so much for our nation’s safety and freedom.


Education and Career Transition


Education is a vital part of an empowered life. The transition from active duty to the private sector is challenging. Our Education and Career Transition programs provide military families access to information, opportunities and resources toward accomplishing their education goals and a successful transition.     


Health and Wellness Support


Well-being plays an integral role in the overall readiness and resiliency of military communities.  Our Health and Wellness Support programs’ mission is to enhance the well-being of military communities. We are committed to providing educational support and resources in the areas of nutrition, fitness, wellness, and mental health.


Youth and Teen Support


Our resilient youth and teens sacrifice and serve as well, often relocating multiple times around the world over the course of several years. Our Youth and Team Support programs provide support in the areas of decision making, life choices, anti-bullying, academics and future careers by providing access to beneficial resources, vital information, and mentorship to enhance their current and future success.    


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