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Black Angels Over Tuskegee Tour


Vibrantly energetic and emotionally captivating, Black Angels Over Tuskegee continues to enlighten, educate and inspire Off-Broadway audiences across the country. Presently, one of the longest running productions Off-Broadway, this award-winning, historical docudrama is a narrative of six men embarking upon a journey to become the first aviators in the United States Army Air Forces during a tumultuous era of racial segregation and Jim Crow idealism in twentieth century American history.


This play uplifts and inspires audiences around the country. The production movingly illustrates how the men unite in brotherhood to achieve a communal vision. Black Angels Over Tuskegee has been performed for the Smithsonian Institute, National Basketball League, National Football League, and Arizona State University, to name a few. 






Why A Tour?


The U.S military community is in need of unique experiences such as the Black Angels Over Tuskegee Tour to help improve, enhance, and enrich the quality of life for all members of the U.S. military community. The ideal support and need for today’s U.S. military communities lie in the areas of resiliency, readiness, tackling adversity, and adapting and overcoming situations. This key support is essential in the lives and daily activities of our service men and women, staff, units, families, and veterans. These experiences go beyond checking the box with a simple thank you for your services. These interactive and engaging experiences leave a lasting impact on communities that are in need and deserving of our gratitude. The Black Angels Over Tuskegee Tour engages at the highest level of gratitude by providing an authentically entertaining, rewarding, and humble opportunity to express our appreciation for the selfless dedication and service every man and woman within U.S military communities provide! 






Tour Destinations

PEG is very excited to bring the Black Angels Over Tuskegee Tour to answer this call and provide this amazing experience to some of the most deserving communities in the United States, our U.S military communities who serve and protect us. This award-winning production will visit ten military communities during this very impactful, interactive, and engaging tour.

More tour locations will be added Fall 2017.

Fort Knox, Kentucky

On February 25th, the Fort Knox community and MWR welcomed one of the longest-running off-Broadway productions to Fort Knox.  A large crowd came out to the Wayburn Theater to enjoy this amazing and award winning show.


The play uplifted and inspired the audience as the narrative documented the lives of prospective aviator candidates as they sought to overcome collective struggle to debunk the myths regarding their ability, intelligence, patriotism, and ultimate dreams of an inclusive society.  The production movingly illustrated how the men united in brotherhood to achieve a communal vision.  


Heralded as uplifting and inspirational by the New York Times, Black Angels Over Tuskegee goes beyond the traditional accounts of the Tuskegee Airmen and delves into the story of men who exhibited the courage to excel despite having the odds stacked against them.  The play has received over 60 nominations and awards since 2000.

Production cast members enjoyed interacting and meeting with the Fort Knox community at the local AAFEES, as well as spending time with service men and women after the show.    The show was a major success; cast members and the Fort Knox community are ready for the return of the second act soon.

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