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                                         PEOPLE + PARTNERSHIPS  





Working with great people who share our vision to develop strong partnerships is essential to our mission. Partnerships from various industries such as sports, entertainment, well-known brands, and pop culture allow us to create some of the most unique and impactful experiences imaginable for military families.


Partnering with influential individuals, sporting teams, music artists, or brands allows us to create unique visits, meet and greets, exclusive screenings, interactive support, and speaking engagements that benefit military families.

Our partners are people seeking a deeper level of engagement, going beyond to showcase gratitude, looking to make a greater contribution and drive meaning into their own lives through impacting others.

Your help and support allows us to create impactful experiences that will change and alter the lives of every military family member who attends, fostering appreciation, love, and gratitude while, most importantly, helping them lead healthy, productive, and purposeful lives.











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